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Had some downtime during work today, so I began plotting out my novel for Nanowrimo.  I had a semi-brilliant idea about a month back, but as I went over it today, it seemed a bit too much like a knock-off of a Star Trek episode (in fact, that may have been where my semi-brilliant idea originated from).  So rather than outlining the story, I sat down and restructured the entire thing.  Very glad I did as the idea is turning out to be pretty exciting, if I do say so myself. 

I am a bit worried, though--I tend to plan these great, big, grandiose storylines that fall apart when I start the actual writing.  (One thing I definitely need to keep in mind: no deus ex machina, EVAR!!!)  And added to all this is the fact that this story will be featuring physics and the military, one of which I absolutely hate and the other of which I know nothing about (I'll let you decide which is which).  So that means lots and lots of research before I start writing.  Can it really be the end of October already???  Sheesh.

Upside is, I have a pretty firm grasp on my main character, and I think my supporting cast is coming together nicely also.  Now all I have to do (other than put together a fitting playlist) is actually figure out what happens in this story...  Zoinks.
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So this drabble-a-day thing I started is probably not going to be so much "-a-day" as it is "-every-few-days". Writing the 100 words is fine, and I dare say, easy... but the actual thinking of something to write is killing me. And while it gets me into the practice of writing daily for Nanowrimo (50,000 words in a month... egads, what have I signed myself up for?!?!), I'll be working off of a story outline for that, which means all the brainstorming I need to do should be done by the the time I actually start writing.  Knock on wood.  :P
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Welp, I did it.  I signed up for NaNoWriMo.  So in order to prepare for the upcoming month of neverending writing, I decided to start writing little drabbles* every day.  And I will make every effort to keep this up.  Really. 

Title: She Danced
Inspiration: Doctor Who, Ten/Rose
Disclaimer: I own nothing, which is so very sad.
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: A character study of sorts...


She danced... )


*A drabble is an extremely short story told in precisely 100 words.

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