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If anyone is in the Boston area and don't have anything planned for Halloween, check out the Post-Meridian Radio Players' annual Tomes of Terror production. PMRP produces radio dramas (think A Prairie Home Companion), and this Halloween, we will be performing three exciting plays for you! I'll just post our official spiel here--come check us out!

What was that? The squeak of a book cart behind you? The hint of a laugh at your expense? No, it couldn't be...

Nor can that be the smell of old tomes being shelved and stacked for you. BUT IT IS! Three tales of terror and woe are shaking off their cobwebs and wish to return to the world of the living. Your world...

Huddle there in your false safety. For when October draws to an end Tomes of Terror III arrives!

First you will see the horrific Halloween jokes and pranks of Baby Snooks!
Then you will see the gothic terror as a simple fox hunt destroys lives in Reynardine!
Finally you will witness the vicious slaughter and uncontrollable terror of The Tell-Tale Heart!

The scares return, this year, for four performances, only! Wednesday, October 29th, Thursday, October 30th, Friday, October 31st and Saturday, November 1st at the Unity Church of God in Somerville, MA.

Find out more at

PMRP Tomes of Terror III
PMRP Tomes of Terror III: October 29 - November 1, 7:30 PM
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